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Marble White
Muse Series
Muse pocket with rotating ring kickstand is not only handy to hold, but also can be used as kickstand. Touch screen safely with single hand, 360° rotation and 180° flip allows user to browse different angles. Chic pocket design turns the bulky wallet into streamlined holder. Reusable adhesive allows you to wash the adhesive with water; The Muse Pocket can be applied to various suitable phone cover or back of phone whenever you would like to enjoy hands-free experience. Meanwhile, the strong adhesive withstands weight max 6kg. In the car, the holder can be firmly adhered to the flat surface, which allows the drives to freely browse the mobile phone while driving. Moreover, to extend the sight field of view, holders can be 360 degree rotated under any circumstances as long as it is placed on the flat surfaces.
6.6cm x 9.6cm
Twill Back / Twill Gray / Marble Black / Marble White Mist Pink / Mist Green / Mist Gray / Desert Camouflage / Jungle Camouflage
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